Turkish Residence Permit : Which one to Choose?

Are you confused_ Then Let’s take a look at the main four types of Turkish Residence Permit in more detail and look at exactly what it allows permit holders to do….

To be honest Turkish Residence Permit is quite simple, it allows people to take up residency in Turkey and also register any kind of motor vehicle, get a landline telephone or internet service,  join the Turkish national health or study in Turkey. There are four main types of residence permits and here they are:

Short-Term Residence Permit

Short Term Residence Permits can be issued for up to two years. They can be issued for a variety of purposes like: medical treatment, tourist purposes, scientific purposes, business reasons and many others.

Depending on exactly why you need to stay you’ll have to meet a number of possible requirements and supply the needed documentation. The needed documentation can again vary but you will at the very minimum need to have a valid passport, health insurance (if under 65 and over 18), and suitable accommodation for the length of your stay. More details check our page; Turkish Residence Permit

Family Residence Permit

The Family Residence Permit is a bit more complex than a short-term permit, it allows a foreign spouse or foreign children the right to residency in Turkey. The child must be under the statutory age, or be the child of a foreigner who already holds a valid residence permit. If you have more than one partner only one partner will be granted a Family Residence Permit however children from multiplied partners can be granted a permit.

Again depending on why and who is applying for the permit you’ll have to meet a number of different requirements and supply the needed documentation. This can vary but these minimum requirements must be met, you will need to have resided in Turkey for at least a year (on a valid permit). Have a monthly income that is at least the Turkish minimum wage, have suitable accommodation, be registered with the Turkish Address Registration System and medical insurance for everyone in your household.

Student Residence Permit

Student Residence Permits can be granted to foreigners who wish to enrol on a graduate, undergraduate, or associate program in a Turkish college or university. Younger students who are at primary or secondary level education can also apply for a student residence permit with their parents consent.

A Student Residence Permit will vary in length but they cannot exceed the duration of education, (a maximum limit is applied) so for example associate programs usually last two years so you will not be granted a stay longer than that. Secondary and primary education users will have to reapply each year. The Student Residence Permit doesn’t allow student to work in Turkey only study, if they wish to look for jobs they must apply for a work permit.

Applying for a Student Residence Permit is quite simple and the documentation is usually the same no matter where you are studying and will be outlined on your permit application form. Keep in mind though that you’ll need copies of any certificates and if you’re under 18 a deed of consent from your parents will be required and it will need to be translated to Turkish and notarised.

Long- Term Residence Permit

The Long Term Residence Permit allows you to stay in Turkey for an infinite amount of time but you’ll have to have lived in Turkey (on a valid residence permit) for at least 8 years before you can apply for one. (conditions apply) You’ll also have to meet these other requirements: You shouldn’t have received Social Help for at least three years, have valid health insurance, have a stable income and not pose any threat to public security. More about the long term permit can be found here.

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