How to Change Type of Residence Permit

If your purpose to stay in Turkey your has changed, you need to make a new application to Immigration Office.  To give a short example, if you have a residence permit for touristic purposes and if you have married Turkish citizenship before the permit expired, you need to apply to chance your short-term touristic purpose residence permit to a family residence permit.

To give another example, if you have purchased real-estate in any place of Turkey before your short-term touristic residence permit expires, you need to apply for the transfer from short-term touristic residence permit to the category with short term for foreigners with a real-estate in Turkey.

In residence permit transfer application, there is an appointment system like all other applications. It is mandatory to get an appointment, collect all the required documents and personally apply to the Immigration Authority on selected day and time.

In transfer application, you can ask for up to 3 years residence permit for a family residence permit and up to 2 years of residence permit in other cases. Up to 3 years of permission is only granted for a family residence permit; however, if the income of the spouse who is the citizen of the Republic of Turkey is insufficient and if the spouse does not have social security, the Immigration Authority might decide to give short-term touristic residence permit.

Which Residence Permit Type Should Be Selected in Which Conditions?

  • In case of marriage Touristic residence permit → Family residence permit
  • In case of divorce Family residence permit → Touristic residence permit
  • In case of real-estate purchase Touristic residence permit → Foreigners with real-estate in Turkey
  • In case of selling the real-estate foreginers with real-estate in Turkey → Touristic residence permit
  • In case of starting education Touristic residence permit → Student residence permit
  • In case of ending education Student residence permit → Touristic residence permit
  • If the individual has a family residence permit, there is no need to make any changes in case of real-estate purchase or starting education. The transition applications for a family residence permit are only necessary in case of divorce or if the spouse deceases.

You can check our Residence Permit page to learn more about the documents required for transition application. The fees will depend on time and country. The residence permit fee and card fee will be paid but the visa fee must not be paid.

Foreigners with foreign work permit regardless of the residence permit type do not need to make any transition application, new residence permit or extending residence permit as long as their work permit is active. Since work permit provides information about residence permit, there is no need to make an additional residence permit application.