Health Insurance

With the new residence law, foreign nationals who applied for a residence permit or a residence permit were made obliged to have private health insurance. With the law enacted on April 11, 2014, regardless of how long the residence permit or residence permit is applied for, 1 year (2 years of demand) foreign private health insurance policy must be submitted with the documents.

The most confusing issue here is the scope of foreign health insurance. Now only eligible policies are accepted in all Migration Management. Therefore, the coverage of the insurance should be such that it meets both inpatient and outpatient treatment.

All the policies you will obtain from our company have the phrase of conformity requested by the MIGRATION ADMINISTRATION;

How Much is Foreign Health Insurance?

Private Health Insurance Prices
ATTENTION: You can get your policies by hand from Taksim Istanbul offices and Antalya Office. 24-48 hours with the other policies cargo can be delivered to every corner of Turkey. Moreover, with the opportunity to pay by credit card…

The price of the universal health insurance for foreigners, who are obliged to get a residence permit or a residence permit, varies according to the age, country and gender of the person. Especially with the new circular dated 06.06.2014, when the policy coverage was increased, prices increased in direct proportion.

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