Golf Tourism in Turkey

Our country has become one of the centers of golf tourism due to the high quality golf facilities offered to the use of sports lovers one after another, especially in Antalya, and to organize tournaments that host golf lovers from many countries of the world. Golf for investment into tourism and the increasing interest in this sport, rightly, Turkey has transformed into one of the most preferred golf centers.

golf courses in Antalya

There are extremely modern golf courses in many provinces of our country, especially in Antalya, Muğla and Istanbul. Antalya stands out one step further in golf tourism, especially due to its facilities and its historical tourism potential. Belek, 30 kilometers east of Antalya, where many international golf tournaments are held, offers golf lovers the opportunity to experience a unique golf experience thanks to its natural beauties, historical and cultural values ​​as well as modern golf facilities and courses with international standards, and with these features, it is the center of attraction of golf tourism. .

Golf tourism potential is increasing day by day in Istanbul, Ankara and Samsun with the south and west coasts of our country, where the heart of tourism beats. Most of the golf facilities in our country are located close to accommodation facilities, luxury resturants, entertainment and shopping centers that host respected guests. These facilities, which are created intertwined with nature in the coastal regions, not only offer their guests the opportunity to have a holiday in touch with nature, but also offer their guests the opportunity to socialize and meet the needs of entertainment easily.

Turkey Golf Federation last place in our country, according to data on the website there are 36 golf courses in 18 on-site. 26 of these golf courses, which are an important value for golf tourism, are located in Antalya and 4 are located in Istanbul. Apart from these, there are 2 golf courses in Bodrum and Ankara, and 1 golf in İzmir, Kuşadası and Samsun.

As can be clearly understood from the above, the heart of golf in Turkey is taking in Antalya. In 2008, the Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) awarded Belek the Best Golf Region award. This region is the center of attraction of golf tourism today with its numerous golf courses and facilities. It welcomes a large number of golf fans every year and hosts many tournaments throughout the year.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism continues its efforts to increase the golf tourism potential of our country; It plans to create accommodation facilities with a capacity of 35,000 beds and 49 golf courses in Antalya, Muğla, Mersin and Nevşehir.

Increasing investments in golf and the construction of golf courses with international standards have enabled our country to host many international golf tournaments. Many international and national tournaments are held, especially in Belek. Although at the beginning of 2020 pandemic emerging Covidien-19 is located in Turkey Golf Federation calendar tournament of 152 domestic tournament is quite important in terms of even reveal the golf tourism potential of our country alone.

Below national golf courses located in Turkey Golf Federation’s website are listed:

City Facility Company Number of Courses
Istanbul Kemer Kemer Golf & Country 2
Istanbul Marmara Golf Marmara Golf Kulübü 2
Antalya AGC Courses Antalya Golf Club 2
Antalya Carya Carya Golf Club 1
Antalya Cornelia Courses Cornelia Golf Club 3
Antalya Gloria Courses Gloria Golf Resort 6
Antalya Kaya Palazzo Kaya Palazzo Golf Club 1
Antalya Lykia Links Lykia Links Golf Course 1
Antalya Montgomorie Montgomorie/Maxx Royal Golf Club 1
Antalya National National Golf Course 4
Antalya Nobilis Robinson Nobilis 1
Antalya Sueno Courses Sueno Golf Club 2
Antalya Titanic Golf Courses Titanic Golf Courses 4
Bodrum Bodrum Golf Kulübü Bodrum Golf Klübü 1
Bodrum Regnum Golf Regnum Golf Country 1
Aydin Kusadasi International Golf Kusadasi International Golf 1
Ankara Ankara Golf Ankara Golf Kulübü 2
Samsun Samsun Golf Kulübü Samsun Büyükşehir Belediyesi Golf Kulübü 1
Toplam 36

The number of these clubs and courses that contribute to golf tourism in our country is increasing day by day, and the quality of the existing clubs and courses is constantly increased.