How To Check Work Permit Status in Turkey

Checking work permit status in Turkey is actually not that difficult and can be easily done by anyone. Here is what information you need to check the foreign work permit and how to do it step by step;

Unfortunately, after obtaining a foreign work permit, employers can cancel the permit without the knowledge of foreigners. Because it is under the authority and initiative of the employer. Continue reading How To Check Work Permit Status in Turkey

Types of Work Permits in Turkey

Basicly there are 3 types of work permits in Turkey.

Fixed Term Work Permit (Aka Temporary)

According to the International Workforce Law No. 6735, which was published in the Official Gazette dated 13/8/2016 and numbered 29800, the work permit in a certain workplace belonging to a real or legal person or public institution or organization,  that it does not exceed the duration of the employment or service contract. This type of work permit is given maximum of one year at the first application. Continue reading Types of Work Permits in Turkey

Minimum Wage in Turkey 2021

Within the framework of the commission decision dated 26.12.2019 and numbered 2019/1, the minimum wage amount to be applied in 2020 is given in the table below.

Gross Min Wage 3.577,50 TL
SGK Premium % 14 500,85 TL
Unemployment Premium % 1 35,78 TL
Income Tax % 15 456,13 TL
Min. Living Allowence 268,31 TL
Stamp Tax % 0,759 27,15 TL
Total Cuts 1.019,91 TL
Net Min Wage 2.825,90 TL

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