How To Check Work Permit Status in Turkey

Checking work permit status in Turkey is actually not that difficult and can be easily done by anyone. Here is what information you need to check the foreign work permit and how to do it step by step;

Unfortunately, after obtaining a foreign work permit, employers can cancel the permit without the knowledge of foreigners. Because it is under the authority and initiative of the employer.

The foreign work permit application can be made with the e-signature of the employer or the e-signature of a representative authorized by the employer when the foreigner is not a partner of the company. Therefore cancellation can be done only by uploading a single letter to the system and signing it electronically by e-signature.

So how can we check whether the work permit has been revoked by the employer? What information is required to check and question work permit? First of all, you need to have a work permit card or at least it will be sufficient to have a foreign identity number and a permit document number.

Then all you need to do is go to and fill in the required lines. Unfortunately the page is only in Turkish, has no multilanguage support. So you might need web browser’s translation service or a dictionary.

You can query the work permit by selecting the foreign work permit option from the application type and typing the ID and document number. In this way, you can see if the permit continues, if it has been canceled, and if it was canceled, on which date it was canceled.

How to Calculate Period of Entry Ban To Turkey

How to calculate the duration of entry ban after visa violation? Entry ban is applied to visa violators according to the length of the violation.

Foreigners those exceed their legal stay period will be banned from 30 days to 5 years, even if they have paid the fine for visa violation.  If they haven’t paid the fine entry ban will be 90 days to 5 years. 

Here is the entyr ban calculation table if the fine paid

Violation Period Prohibition Period
3-6 months 1 month
6 month – 1 year 3 months
1-2 years 1 year
2-3 years 2 years
more than 3 years 5 years

Tabe for who has not pay the penalty

Violation Period Prohibition Period
0-3 months 3 months
3-6 months 6 months
6 month – 1 year 1 year
1-2 years 2 years
more than 2 years 5 years

Types of Work Permits in Turkey

Basicly there are 3 types of work permits in Turkey.

Fixed Term Work Permit (Aka Temporary)

According to the International Workforce Law No. 6735, which was published in the Official Gazette dated 13/8/2016 and numbered 29800, the work permit in a certain workplace belonging to a real or legal person or public institution or organization,  that it does not exceed the duration of the employment or service contract. This type of work permit is given maximum of one year at the first application. Continue reading Types of Work Permits in Turkey